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Sometimes... Is Now To The Betas!

I finished the final polish last night and sent her out to the beta team before bed. It topped out at 6,258 words and twelve pages. I think it's one of our smaller oneshots, but I get the feeling that our next one in the In Another Lifetime series, Protection, will be pretty large. It will balance out. It might be up the weekend, but I need to check with elliania first. 

Also we've got headway on both the Original Novel/Little Secrets crossover and the Richana miniseries, plus we're plotting out the post-script fic and our entry for Traditional for 12days_of_clois

Don't worry, Richana fans! We're plugging away at the first installment! You will see it!

And thanks to all of you that have been contributing to reeveverse ! I still can't believe how quickly this has caught on. :D Trust me, januaried and I love you for it!  I have several things in the works; I just have to find the time to do them!

Have a good day, all, and wish me one as well. *hugs her F-List* 

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