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I didn't post at all yesterday between going to work early and the promise that Anissa could have the computer last night, but it had a wonderful outcome. Sometimes... is finished with the exception of the final polish and the need of a banner by the brilliant Katness. It should be available for posting by the weekend if the Katness is home and has time by then. It finished out at 5,619 words and eleven pages, but I'm still going over it for last-minute additions. Betas, expect it in your inboxes by the end of the night. 

And just because we're nice like that, a second spoiler ;):

Before either of them could say anything else, though, they heard Perry bellow. “Mrs. Kent!” he roared.

“Oh, to hell with you, Chief!” Lois yelled right back. “I hyphenated! It’s Lane-Kent, I’m not gonna give up my name!”

“Whatever you call yourself, your mother’s on the phone!”

Lois sighed, rolling her eyes. “Oh, God, now I’m gonna catch it. I never called her back when we got home yesterday like I said. Though why she’s calling me at work…” 

            The reporter trailed off as she remember how Jimmy had done his town crier impression and spread the news gleefully just moments ago. He’d even gone to International … where Ron Troupe worked.

Have a good day, all!

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