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After So Long...Spoilage!

 That just sucks! I had this wonderful little explantion of the fic and everything and freakin' LJ ate it! *kicks it*

Okay, let's try again. We've gotten far enough along now that I feel safe posting this. 

After what seems like several weeks off, Sometimes... is now close enough to merit a spoiler! The story is third in the 12days_of_clois series re-imagining the events of SII that includes Baby, It's Cold Outside and Accidentally In Love. This entry shows us what happens when the couple returns to the reality of life at home after their whirlwind romance and come face to face with the changes that they've wrought. And the disbelief of those they know and love. And rest assured, this isn't the last oneshot in this AU. ;)

And now, your spoiler:


Winding down from his scolding tone, Perry glanced at Lois’ hand and chuckled wryly.  “By the way, Lane, you’re home now – no reason to keep pretending.  Give me back the ring.  I paid for those out of pocket.  Got the receipt somewhere…”

Smirking as she pulled herself from that pleasant reverie, Lois reached into her purse and took out the two plain gold bands she and Clark had worn while posing as Mr. and Mrs. Smith.  I wonder how long it’ll take him  “Here, Chief,” she said impishly, handing them over.  “Don’t want you to be out the twenty-five dollars.”

That earned her a scowl.  Perry looked at the rings, then took a closer look at Lois’ left hand.  Damn, he caught it faster than I’d thought he would.  The band on her ring finger there was platinum, he now saw.  Giving her a dubious look, Perry pointed silently to what surely looked like a wedding ring.



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