Lois (kalalanekent) wrote,

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“Ok, because somebody has already requested it. This is just me leaving ___ letting you guys know exactly how bad I sound. If you think I started like about long last night this is this is exactly what it sounds like and it's pretty bad. Definitely having problems nasal passages and it just sucks. So this is the reason why right now I'm not working on writing on ___ or anything like that. I'm taking my butt back to bed. I may try and get back up later and do some riding not unless I can. I'll try and get on my bed only if I'm feeling better. I need to talk to Recardo completely today. I love you guys wish this thing away from me. If I get really really lucky maybe they'll let me pick up either Thursday or Friday. I just I'll be glad to get rid of this thing. So it's awful. Alright love you all, bye.”

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