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In Which Lois Hates Herself For Calling In...

Following the 'Balrog' phone post, it should come as no suprise to anyone that I had to call out today. However, I feel like a creep because I'm all too aware that we're short-staffed right now and there's no one to cover my department. At all. They'll just leave the thing open all day without anyone over there. And I'm out until Sunday. Which sucks for both them and my hours. But I can't go to work like this. I sound awful, I feel awful, my nasal passages are stuffed up and they are burning. My head feels like it's been packed with cotton and my eyes keep blurring. I'm pretty damn sick.

...but I still wish I was going in. I'm letting a lot of people down and I'm not really making the best impression on the new boss, not to mention that I'm only at 12 hours on the books currently. 

This. Sucks. Sour. Frog. Ass.

*kicks life in general and makes herself go back to bed*

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