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Okay, So... About That Publishing Idea...

Alright, Caroline, about that question in the Art Thread? We're sincerely looking into it. If we go through Lulu.com, we're going to have to publish it in two seperate books. For the order to make any kind of sense, we're going to have to order 25. Looks like, if we do it B&W, it'll come out to 363.25 per publishing. So about $726.50 for 25 copies of LS, Book One and Book Two. Which isn't that bad. May take some time, but I wanted a bound copy of it, anyway. 

*winces* This is going to hurt my wallet so bad, but I really want this. BAD. Well, guys, if we print these and have fifteen or twenty to give out, would you want them? Is this worthwhile to think about?

Or have I completely lost my mind?

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