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The End of an Epic: Little Secrets Is Finally Complete

And both coauthors are sitting here crying.  Not even the betas have seen the very last bit of the last chapter, Once Upon a Time, which topped out at 8,307 words.  And no one has seen the 1,239 word epilogue, And Ever Shall Be.  ;)

This brings the total count for Little Secrets to*deep breath* 484,460 words, 995 pages, 10,964 paragraphs, 38,842 lines.






This is the first novel Lois and I have ever finished.  Wow.  We couldn't have done it without you all, and we mean that.  Your reviews, your eager anticipation, and your occasional prodding emails kept us on track.  This has been the best two years of our lives as writers, and writing this monster epic has taught us both a lot, as well as introduced us to so many wonderful friends.

And this part is just Anissa speaking: several of you have heard me say I don't consider myself part of the Superman fandom.  It's true - I was never a Superman fan.  Heck, I was never into comics of any kind, and never really got involved with any fandom, anywhere.  But after writing "Fin" at the end of the best writing I've ever done, I'm proud to call myself a fan, and to call the Superman fandom home.  Nowhere else online or in real life have I seen such plentiful examples of love, friendship, mutual support and encouragement, and open-minded acceptance as I've discovered while writing this story.  I suppose it's only fair: Superman is the original superhero and still the greatest of his kind, so he deserves the greatest fandom.

We will see you all tomorrow later today, and we'll be posting the final chapter and the epilogue around 1 PM EST.  Fun and games shall begin afterward, including a repost of all LS related artwork - including two new pieces, a watercolor painting by the amazing Melissa McMinn (who did the sketch of the twins wrapped in Daddy's cape), and the wedding dress manip by the inimitable ellianiaand rizny.  How much greatness can you have in one place?  I mean, really?!

We're off to bed, and we'll see you all in a couple of hours.  When I can type sanely - you should see the exhaustion-spawned typos I've had to edit out.  *headdesk* 

ETA: It would help if we told you how to find us, huh?  We use Yahoo! Messenger, and most of you probably have one or both of our IDs.  If you don't, look for margotNOSPAMgabriele - just remove the NOSPAM from the name.  No underscores or periods, it's all one word.  We're also going to be up on LJ and BT: click here for the BT thread for Little Secrets.
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