September 7th, 2013

Lois :: Feelings

This Might Very Well Be It

Yeah, another delay. There's a very real chance that all of the drama with my father-in-law may be over by tomorrow. We're on watch now. There's no way of knowing if or when. Emotions are running high and we're no good tonight. We might be even worse in the morning. The chapter is nearly finished, but it's going to be delayed again. We'll keep you posted.

I'm so tired and torn up about this; I'm scared, but so is Anissa. She can't decide if she needs comfort or to be alone to deal. And I don't know what to do, how I can help her. Hell, because the state of Florida, I can't even take time off to be with her if it does happen. I don't even know if my job will give me the day of the funeral [if it comes to that] with how small our crew has become. I just feel so sad and useless right now. Life has just shifted so abruptly. They were talking rehab yesterday, now they're pushing us to let him go.

Keep us in your prayers, guys. I'm afraid to see what dawn will look like.
Clois :: Hold Me

And Life's Journey Ends

It's over. At a little after 4 this afternoon, Anissa's dad, Tom, passed away. He fought the good fight until the end, always too stubborn to go, but this time it was just too much for him. He was tired. And we loved him enough to respect his wishes when he said it was time. After smack-talking and ax-fighting the Reaper so long, he was ready.

We miss you, Tom, and wish that we had had more time with the man we were coming to know in the end. We love you and things will never be the same.

May Destiny and Fate be kind enough to lend us half the strength and determination to get us through life's fights the way that you example taught us.

Forgot to add, please understand if I don't answer here and on Facebook immediately. The two of us are just trying to keep a eye on each other and cope. We're reading everything, we carry your wishes with us, but we're just trying to deal. Give us a couple of days to digest this.