March 9th, 2012

Lois :: Badass

Dear Life,

Can we please stop all of this 'going-around-in-circles' stuff? After about the fifteenth time I'm faced with the same situation, I will get frustrated and I will want to scream and throw something at it. Will this solve the problem? Likely, because whoever it is will get with the program or not come back.

Also, could we please do something about the teams of 'angry-at-the-world' people and the 'so-apathetic-you-could-run-them-over-with-a-car-and-they-wouldn't-notice' people that keep showing up lately? Because I LOATHE the feeling of living in a Rage comic everyday. Worse, I'm feeling myself getting just like them double-time.

And I'm sick of boring my readers with these crabby ranting posts.

Something's got to give and I'm not willing to part with any more of my sanity than I already have, thank you very much.

I'll send Lois and her Ladysmith first.

No love,