February 3rd, 2012

Lois :: Caught

Oh, Shit. Not This Again. *NOW* What, Lo?

So. This week. Not been a good one. Not gonna lie.

We're going to end up blowing another deadline. And then I have to make it worse by having to take a week off.


A week.

Anissa and I have discussed it and we're going to hold ATU [which is, again, half-finished because of RL eating up our time] until the following weekend. We're going to be posting in the Porn Battle so we have a chance to reset everything in our heads to their proper positions. It also gives us a week to do some epic planning and such for the things coming up [and there are HUGE things coming up. Things that we're actually scared of handling wrong, hence some of all of the delays on these two main fics lately, OTHER than RL] because we NEED it. We also usually take time off during the PB's for just this reason. Gives up a chance to really open up our creativity full-throttle and consider things that we normally don't as much. Gives you a chance to see some pairings and such with fresh eyes.

Just bear with us a little longer. This is one of the many reasons RL makes me nuts. It interferes with my writing and that I WILL NOT STAND FOR! *epic!Lane Death Glare*

There are some fics that I'll be hiding on another journal until they can be released officially, so avoid spoilers by not reading some of our PB fic until I post them here. My co-author on a certain future project made some requests and we're going to fill the ones we can. Just be warned that there are spoilers, however AU they may be and no matter how little of the actual canon is there. Just be forewarned. ;)

But again, I'm so sorry for the delay and the fact that I've completely blown my rep as Queen of Deadlines.

Also, I will post a link to the PB once it goes live so those who will can join in the fun. As it is, the prompts deadline has closed. As soon as they get the prompts post filtered and polished, I'll post that as well. Who knows? Someone may have already put in some you'd like to see.

Be warned, though, that my younger readers know they have no business over there and I don't approve if you sneak. *wags finger*