February 1st, 2012

Fandom :: The Voices In My Head

Gacked From xenokattz

First Sentence of a WIP meme

Post the first sentence [or three (or more because I'm a showoff and it's what I do)] from every WIP you're currently working on, even if it's very short. Then invite people to ask questions about your WIPs. With any luck, the motivation to take that WIP one step closer to completion will appear as if by magic!

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Lois :: Asleep

The Rumors of My Death And All That...

Just a quick little update to say that we're still moving forward with the FIL's recovery, I'm trying to get back into Harmon and get everything put back in working order for Brian [a bigger job than either he or I expected], and desperately trying to work through my stress and stuff with writing. Lots of writing. I'm hoping that everything in my life and in everyone's close to me will even out. I miss being on here all the time, I miss having tons of content for all of you.

It's just a rough patch. We'll keep marching on...

Just occasionally remind me that you still love me? 'Cause I still need it sometimes. I just feel so helpless and useless to everyone lately. I need to remember that I can't just wave a magic wand and fix everything.