September 16th, 2011

Lois :: Smoking

I Take A Week Off...

And one of my closest friends at work has a heart attack the first day I'm gone.

Only got the news because I called for my schedule.

On top of everything else going on right now, I'm going back to bed and hoping that maybe I don't send anyone else a visit from the fuck-up fairy. Just bad luck for everyone else this week.
RL :: Impossibly Beautiful Night Sky

10 Reasons Why Lois and I Will Be Together Forever

This is your friendly local Voice of DOOM, hijacking Lois' journal to post something that should make her smile.  Some of these reasons are silly, some are serious, all are true.

1. If we ever break up, the rest of our writing wouldn't get finished, and y'all just would not let that happen.  Seriously, you HAVE to hear about Christopher Emo Boy, and Danielle from Into the Fire, and the ending of Across the Universe is going to kick ass...

2. She constantly challenges me to try new things and go new places, which I don't really do that well on my own - if not for her, I'd be a hermit living in a trailer with 30 dogs.

3. Our four dogs are bonded as a pack and cannot be separated without mental trauma.  Also, the two that are 'mine' are the crazy weird ones.  I can't let Lois get away with the normal, sweet dogs.

4. Her family finally likes me, and I like them.  It only took 10 years or so.  Now I'm looking forward to planning a vacation with all of them.  Her dad and I have a lot in common, and her mom and I trade plants from our gardens.

5. Lois and my mom are getting along these days.  Mom is super-protective - I'm an only child - and this is a major development.

6. If we split, we could never separate out which books and DVDs belong to whom, and there would be bitter fighting.  Plus, I love her esoteric collection of books way too much.

7. Lois is there for me when I'm depressed, she holds me when I cry, she's gotten me through some of the darkest times in my life.  I'm there for her when she's stressed and anxious, I've soothed her through panic attacks, I've been the one thing she holds onto.  We both always know that the other one has our back and we're never alone.  We both have flaws, we both fuck up as human beings, but when I need her, she rises up and becomes Super-Lois.  I hope - I try - to do the same for her.

8. The sex is fantastic. I will not provide details, but she's the best. ROWR.

9. We got together the second time in a very bad, hurtful way that left everyone involved with emotional scars. After dealing with years of fallout from that to get to where we are now, I will NOT give up on what we have for anything. The worst has already happened - lies, cheating, betrayal - and we've moved on from it.  These are the good times, and nothing that comes our way can change that.

10. Lois makes me feel like I might be able to become the person she thinks I am.  My ex ripped me apart emotionally and left my self-esteem in shreds.  Lois thinks I am beautiful, smart, funny, sexy, strong, competent, and generally awesome.  She makes me feel like I might actually be all those things.  And I know I am loved - I have never doubted her love and devotion.  I hope she never doubts mine.
Clois :: Illuminated Multiverse

A Little Update and A Spoiler

<- Yep, another up-coming one from the Multiverse since we're still messing with this week's ATU. This one should raise a couple of eyebrows. MWAHAHAHA!

And several of you have commented on the fact that the Fic Index is down. That's because LJ ate the entries when I went to adjust a pic. So, guess who has to update and redo the whole thing? Yep. Everything is still available and can still be reached via the tags, but it may take me a little while to fix this. That's a LOT of fic and was just updated for Awards Season. Dammit. Oh, well, I can make it look neater. I can. I think.

Also my much-adored januaried helped me set up the new layout. Purdy, huh? :D

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