August 31st, 2011

ATU :: Earth Clois


Is it the end of October yet? Because I miss the hell out of my Jalise. There's work going on behind the scenes already for the hardest of the upcoming story lines that factor into Love and  Other Headaches, but we have the history of the LS-verse planned far into the future. And these two. They have a bumpy road ahead and some miles to go until things get worked out for real, not gonna lie, yet you can't help but root for them. I can't wait for fall to get here and I can bring the whole family home again. And I MISS MY LOIS! XD I was telling saavikam77 that the other day. I don't realize just how much I miss them until I don't play with that universe for a while.

Yes, ladies and gents, Little Secrets truly is The AU That Won't Die. XD

My huge nostalgia this morning? The fault of these two videos. I blame the makers entirely.

rdeffleymoviesnew-Smallville-It's My Life

buttnjamz-Smallville/Reeveverse-Little Wonders

[Posted before, but found it again and cried again. This song will ALWAYS be the main theme of the end of LS. I think of Kal-El starting out with Lois and the twins every time I hear it.]

I can't wait to welcome them home. *hugs her bbs*
Lois :: Laughter

Ohhhh, 'Autumn Frost'...

I just...



The suit...

*coughs, tries not to smile*

No, really, I just...


Oh, I just need to stay away from all of the new DC stuff.


Especially with Lana Lang playing a red-haired Lois. Oh, Amy, why did you do this to me when I love you. WHY?!

Good Lord.

*wanders off giggling*

For those who can enjoy it, more power to you. Maybe I'll even find small nuggets of awesome in this mess because you love it. You're my best hope on this.

And since I know some of you are thinking it: