May 31st, 2011

Lois :: Blush

Okay, So We Now Have A Verdict

So I woke up with the knee in pain this morning, enough that I was hurting the minute I was on it. SO. Guess who spent the day at the workman's comp doctor?

There were all kinda of mix-ups and a bit of driving in circles before that happened, quite on par with an episode of your favorite sit-com, but the end result?

I sprained it. And good, too.

So I got the news that I'll be off tomorrow and Thursday to rest it, be back for a short shift sitting down in Bridal Friday night to print registries and that's all, be off Saturday to rest it again, and will work Sunday the same as Friday. We'll be back next Monday for a check-up.

It's good news that they're going to let me do this, actually, and I'll still have some hours in without aggravating the knee worse. And the doc was awesome. And a customer, turns out. I'm hurting, but she's got me on good meds.

But yeah. Alive and on workman's comp.