March 27th, 2011

Lois :: Horror


Dear Mr. Snyder,

You seem to have mixed up your casting asides. Amy Adams is LANA LANG, not LOIS LANE. I love her, hell I fucking ADORE her, but this casting? I wanted to keep my hope alive. I really did. This doesn't even have to do with Rashida not getting the part. It has to do with the fact that I just can't handle the choices any more. I'm sorry, but I've gone from dubious to disbelief. It's not that Amy won't try her heart out and she can handle some of the spunk, but she's Lana. Period. End of story.

So sorry we couldn't do business,

Lois :: Smile

About The Car...

I'm just going to copy my explanation to saavikam77  because it's the least complicated way to explain.

THIS is why we're GOING ON A ROAD TRIP IN THREE WEEKS. [EDIT: God, how tired AM I? XD]

The Ford Escort is no more. Dead over engine trouble, although there's plenty of other things wrong with her.

We're sharing my mother-in-law's Daewoo right now. Which is not easy and has to be making my MIL crazy.

So, we wound up with a decision. A Buick Rivera, which gets 12 miles to the gallon highway, for $2500 here in town or we hike out to NM [the plane tickets only cost us about $300 for both of us, one-way], pick up the Kia Sophia Anissa's uncle Kevin has for free and drive her home [paying for gas and hotels on the way].

So, yeah. I think we're going to New Mexico.