March 3rd, 2011

Lois :: What's In A Name

Really Deep Thoughts

  • What the hell is up with Sudden Attack Muscular Issues and Sudden Attack Sinus Issues? It doesn't feel like a cold or virus, but I'm just miserable. It's just weird. Been fighting this for two days now. Not a clue what it is.
  • Why is it that I'm finding myself interested in products I can only get in England or Europe? I just keep finding myself drooling over products from Original Source and there's no distributors for it here in the US. Not to mention the smaller department stores brands of cosmetics. Seriously, what's wrong with me? *headdesk*
  • Dr. Elliot Marrin is a picky (but brilliant) little muse who talks to us when he feels like it. He's going to cooperate thus far, but I get this feeling that my Lois muse is going to start threatening him shortly. Good thing I have his ex on-tap, huh? The first chapter of Sessions: From the Notes of Dr. Elliot Marrin goes live this Saturday.
  • Collapse ) Now, to just implant the Rashida bug in his brain.
  • Full-steam ahead on Across the Universe. It'll be out on-time next Saturday.
  • I desperately want to crawl back into bed and die, but I have to head to work. I just have to make it today and tomorrow.