February 22nd, 2011

Across The Universe :: Teen Lois

Across The Universe: The World As We Knew It [Chapter One]

The posting schedule on this one will be every two weeks on Saturday. It will be running opposite weeks with Heirs: Sessions. Enjoy, all!


((Author's Note: What if Lois was the alien? Imagine that Jor-El's theories were accepted, and Krypton was evacuated in time to save the civilization. With the crystal technology, the Kryptonians could rebuild their lost world on an uninhabited planet. But the new planet, Krypton II, might not be an exact match, and they might have to find certain minerals somewhere else. Jor-El conveniently already knows much about this primitive, technologically backward planet called Earth…

If their initial approach was met with hostility by a planet full of people who'd seen too many space-invader movies, but they found something on this planet that they needed for their continued survival, the Kryptonians might choose to take human hostages back to their planet in order to keep the peace between their peoples and ours. Those hostages would have to be important to people in positions of power, such as General Sam Lane. And given the choice between sending his wife or one of his daughters off to a foreign planet, we all know whom he would choose. That's how Lois Lane winds up being the alien curiosity on Krypton II.))

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