January 25th, 2011

This Strange Effect :: RedK Kal-El Lois

One Down, Two To Go

All right, the decision has been made to do three large entries to the Porn Battle and a few smaller ones.

The first up, which just went to beta, will be the second and last part to This Strange Effect, Tell Me.  Let's just see how Lois manages to get them out of this one.

The second is a birthday fic for januaried  and a cute little RedK turn on the typical Lois and Clark stuck in the hotel room together for assignment. Looks like this convention in Las Vegas will be more than the usual boring and tawdry affair they're expecting. Remember What You Told Me... is currently 4,300 words and growing. May have to link this one.

And the third is a fic involving memories of childhood and that All-American past-time, skinny-dipping. And being the good boy that we know him to be, how much you wanna beat that he missed out on the fun and games of being a teenager. Good thing he has Lois around to make up for lost time. It Was A Hot Summer Night is currently 2,653 and is still being worked on.

And then we have a few other prompts we have our eyes on, one of which is Richois in the very late part of the Snapshots era.

Hope these guys will be worth the wait. We've been working on them every spare moment. :D

Lois :: Smoking

Annnd This Is The Reason Teenage Drivers Make Me Crazy

So all was good and I was looking forward to a better day at work today and getting back into fic for tonight. Anissa and I were actually discussing plot for her fic when BAM! Some kid in a trunk runs a red light and whacks us in the nose. There's a pretty bad storm passing through and now we've been in a wreck. In November we collide with a deer, now a teenager in Daddy's truck without his insurance card. And the cop doesn't even cite him for it. Because he swears he was in the right. It's pouring and we have no independent witness [I don't count]. So, we're in a storm watch, I was supposed to be at work half an hour ago, I'm still shaking and freaked out, and mad enough to pound this kid like a tent stake.

And I have to go to work after this.

I want a fucking cigarette.