Lois (kalalanekent) wrote,

I Can't Believe I'm Giving Any Of You Spoilers For The Grand Finale...

 ...but because several people have asked nicely... I'll give you one. A small one. And then you'll all have to wait. :D 

“And walk slowly,” Kay said, as Kala bounced from one foot to the other. At least she’d stopped spinning in circles to make her skirt flare; getting dizzy wasn’t fun.

The music began, softly at first, and Jason stood to attention. He actually started toward the door, but Cat caught him. “Hold on, sweetheart,” she chuckled. “Candle lighters first, then bridesmaids, then you and Kala, okay?” 

“When does Mommy get to go?” he asked, looking around for her and Uncle Perry. 

“Right after you and your sister,” Kay replied, checking her watch. “Okay, candle lighters – Sam, Nora. Go ahead. Every third row, skip the ones up at the very front. Take your time, no one’s in a hurry.”
Tags: little secrets spoiler

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