September 1st, 2010

ATU :: Earth Clois

The Muse Has Commanded That I...

redo my old, old, old-as-the-hills Superman fandom How Do You Love video, this time with the footage I want. I think it's going to be an exclusively RV video this time, since it was one of the two themes to Little Secrets.  Already a minute into it and I'm loving it three million more time than the original. Doesn't help that I have better footage this time around.

Wouldn't surprise me if this one way in the can by the end of the night. The Muse is strong in this one. :D
ATU :: Earth Clois

Oh, For God's Sake!

Sooo glad that I don't really have content to hide or use my FB very much. Thanks, LJ, for scaring more than half of my F-List to death. EPICFAIL!

I suppose it goes without saying that I have no interest in passing on deep, dark secrets. As always, your secrets are safe with me.