August 29th, 2010

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I Will Own 'Superman: Secret Origin' The Minute It Hits Trade. Period.

htbthomas , you are absolutely right and I will relish every moment of the damn thing. Everything I've seen so far is make of win. They even have the CHEMISTRY down in the book. This may be the first time in a decade that I've consistently liked anything comics related for Superman (stopped reading in the late 90s for good reason).

And God knows the art doesn't hurt. There's something very familiar about the OTP over there. ;)
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An Itty Bitty Spoiler For A Moment Between This Epic And The Next AKA xenokattz Is LOVE

Kattz and I got into a discussion that started with Baby-Crazy!Clark and ended with how great a grandparent he's going to be. Which brought on a discussion on Lois the Reluctant Grandmother Who Isn't One ('Grandma', that is. There are alternate titles). That made its way around to how Lois is going to take the reality of facing age down once and for all, Boogeyman that it is to her.

With a little explanation from me, here's her take. I personally adore it. This is currently my background. ♥

ILU, BB! TOTALLY made the remainder of my day.