August 27th, 2010

ATU :: Earth Clois

Okay, So No Chapter This Weekend, But I Have Something Else!

We should be posting the chapter next weekend, on time, but the cold and the unhappy has been eating away at me this week, so we switched to a moment I've been waiting to write up for a long time. :D

Also, since I was asked recently: Nope, we won't be doing the interview in Snapshots, since we've done two other tellings of it in the Little Secrets 'verse (An Echo of Legend and Illogically Iconic) nor the events through Superman II (which we cover in LS Proper). We may cover a few of the other larger canon events in the films, but most of the rest are going to be in the in-between of shown moments in STM and the period of a couple of months I think went on in the first films (outtakes, if you will) and SII and SII into Little Secrets. But fleshing out this out to make you see the connections is the real goal. I hope we succeed with it. ;)

See you later tonight!