July 20th, 2010

ATU :: Earth Clois

The Biggest Surprise of the Year (SMFA 2010)

*is still getting over the shock* That...didn't turn out quite the way we expected.


I'm still trying to get over the huge honor that you guys have given us. Really. We've never experienced an awards where we were quite so decorated. I felt like I was holding my breath to just get a few this year. And then you gifted us with so many. I have to pinch myself to believe it. We both feel a little like Cinderella and we love you all SO DAMN MUCH for it.

On the other hand, those we were competing against were the best authors in the fandom this time around. Are there others that surpass us in writing ability? I know so. Hell, the fans wouldn't have nommed them if they weren't. We were extremely lucky to have squeaked in with just the right amount. I want to give highest props to all the authors and the fans that took the time to make all of us feel extraordinarily lucky to be so loved. Every one of you is utterly amazing and we're so blessed to have you in fandom.


That said, I shall now list our trove (banners to come once januaried stops working herself to death; seriously, folks, her workload would kill a normal person)

Collapse )

Also, for those that wanted the Zod bumper stickers, they should be available at week's end. ;)


And yes, the chapter will be out on time! :D
Lois :: Smoking

Going Back To Work

Is not something I'm looking forward to. At all. Period.

However, I'll be going. *makes face* Still have to pay bills. Here's hoping a week away has made things a little better.

*packs cigarettes anyway*