July 5th, 2010

ATU :: Earth Clois

Just Received Nom Notices...


Just. Can't. Speak.


You guys...


I just...

How many...?


*eyes glaze over*


*points you in the direction of Anissa's post, who can actually find the words*

ETA: The first of the shock has worn off and I feel the need to stop looking like a jackass asshole. A ton of congratulations to everyone else on their noms and the best of luck! This is what working the 4th after busting your butt on a chapter for three weeks does to you. Hopefully everyone can forgive me. *extremely ashamed of self*

*makes Anissa go get her more antacids and a little booze to wait out the rest of the season with*
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I'm SO Nervous Posting These...

I don't want it to seem like we're bragging. Especially since we've NEVER had this many noms. EVER. But the fans made their choices and it's to thank them for all of the love, support, and reviews that I'm posting these. You guys are the best fans an author could ever dream to have and we love you for it. *hugs the fans so tight* I'm going to let anissa7118 posted her own on her LJ unless she tells me otherwise. I may have forgotten a couple, but I'll check it when I get home later. januaried, you are beyond amazing, my dearest darling, and these were inspired! ILU!!

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