June 26th, 2010

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Time After Time: Live Like We're Dying

Title: Time After Time :: Live Like We’re Dying
PG-13, just to be safe. And we all know it’s Lois’ fault. ;)
#08 – Live Like We’re Dying
  Superman IV, for those ten million that never watched it. Is actually the second and final part to the Time After Time mini-series, the first being Need You Now (it's not an epic, I promise!). Summary: Now that they know that each other knows, are there still secrets to be revealed? And just how do you work around so many years with things unsaid? Kal-El and Lois aren’t sure, but they’re going to take a shot at it.
Word Count:
Author Notes:
I can only say that I hope I made the final film in the Reeveverse series a little more bearable for some of you. This pair of stories are the resolution I wanted for the pairing once the series was over. There really are tiny little gems to be unearthed and polished from the film; you just have to look very carefully.

ATU :: Earth Clois


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