June 12th, 2010

ATU :: Earth Clois

Heirs to the House of El: Kiss the Past Goodbye (Part One)

On countdown for vacation and the timing couldn't be better. With all that comes to pass in this last arc, we both want to be on the top of our game to finish this guy out right. Which means a lot of the finale planning (beyond our huge files of notes from the last couple of years) will take place over Anissa's birthday week starting the 11th of next month. And yes, there will be a chapter posted just before we leave town that weekend. ;) We really hope that everyone has enjoyed the ride thus far and that we can still surprise you with what comes next.
Also, as much as it embarrasses me to bring it up and toot any horns in my own general direction, it's that time of year again. The Superman Movieverse Fanfiction Awards has come around and this year, Anissa and I are on staff. Nominations are being taken in various categories for fics that were created between July 1, 2009 and July 30, 2010. Please come over and join us in showing recognition of your favorite authors! That said, I wouldn't mind it terribly if we got a little love.

*blushes madly*  Nevermind that! Come nom or vote in the finals if the spirit moves you. And now, if you'll excuse me, I need another dose of antacid. ;)

 ~Ends Pimping As She's No Good At It~

All right, duties done, on with the chapter. *takes a deep breath and waits for reactions*



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