May 22nd, 2010

Lois :: Laughter

Are You Serious?!

*falls over on her back, dying with laughter*

You call THIS Nikita? Is this a joke? April Fool's was last month. Really, WB, it's getting pathetic now. You have no understanding of the reality and dark humor of the original film and the show. I'm going to watch the plot for the lulz and then I'm going to watch this abeyance op shuffle to Madeline for a first-class old-skool cancellation. Here's hoping that the legion of LFN fans follow my lead.

You guys over there at Warner Bros, should be ashamed.
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The Real TV 'Nikita'

As a HUGELY involved fan in the original La Femme Nikita fandom, I'm posting these to remind me just WHY WB have become all the more money-grubbing by whoring out a show that had one of the most amazing  fanbases ever. You're not going to get the fans back a decade later with a crappy premise. I'll stick to my DVDs, thanks. This wasn't what we meant in 2000 about bringing the character back one last time. Do it right; call Peta and Roy.

La Femme Nikita-MariaPurtMe-Virgin State of Mind

La Femme Nikita-Julia777Julay-Let Me Down

La Femme Nikita-MatrixChick-Eden