May 14th, 2010

ATU :: Earth Clois

Ooookay, We're Too Wordy For Our Own Good

Okay, all my readers of Heirs, I have a deal for you. What would you say if I said that I was going to postpone the chapter until Sunday?

But will also be giving you two chapters to make up for it?

Sound like a deal? ;)

Three more scenes to write and we're already at 8,600 words.

Told you this one was going to be big. :D
ATU :: Earth Clois

Dammit, Why Me? (SV: 9x22)

All of you out there enjoy seeing the finale live, as I'll be stuck at work for five hours. *makes face* Of all the nights to give me a useless shift...

I'm holding my breath and crossing my fingers that we'll have a stellar end to this season, as we totally deserve it. Wrap up some old storylines, give us to look forward to in September. I'm so nervous for this one, as it really could be amazing or another epic!facepalm.

And I have to wait until midnight, at the least, to know how it all goes down.

God, I hate having to work.


Have fun for me tonight, guys! And see you with one of the chapters in the morning. We're going to try for one tomorrow and one Sunday. :D