May 5th, 2010

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*wants to curl into a little ball and go back to sleep*

*knows she can't and that she has work and writing to do*

*stretches and whines*

Sorry I'm behind on responses, guys. Getting my behind handed to me at work. Things are supposed to be slowing down this time of year and it's just not. Just went back to work after three days off and already exhausted again. We've been like this since before Christmas with very little help.

Thank God for the writing. I'd so crazy if it wasn't for that.
This Strange Effect :: RedK Kal-El Lois

Also, On The Less Fluffy Side Of Town... ('This Strange Effect' Spoiler)

We haven't forgotten these two. There has been recent work done of TSE. It's just that we're taking our times doling out the sexy stuff because we don't want anyone thinking all we do is porn. Maybe a couple of weeks and we'll have the second half of this out. Between next week's EPIC chapter and me trying desperately to get done on Need You Now before the bunnehs or Anissa make me put it aside, it'll just take some time.  Until then, this is how things stand. :D


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