April 11th, 2010

ATU :: Earth Clois

Annnd Now It's In My Throat, But At Least It's Moving.

So, back to work today and expecting to hear a ration of it for calling out on Friday. Nothing I can do for it and I still show the signs of being sick. *shrug* What can you do? I'm hitting this thing with everything I have so I'm germ-free when I meet up with glitter_my_glam  and classicawesome  on Saturday. I just wish I knew for sure which co-worker gave it to me, because this is miserable enough that I'd whack them with a shovel. *makes face*

Chapter's doing well, but we're really going to have to punch it to get everything done in time. And I, cold and all, haven't been much help. :( But it will get out this week, come hell or high water. There's so much getting ready to happen that I really don't want to lose my rhythm at any point. Things just need to bear forward without any reservations on my part. It's time to get to the heart of this story, no matter how nervous it makes me. It's time.

*glances at the clock* Dammit. Time already. Not looking forward to today at all. Wish me luck. *chokes off coughing fit*
This Strange Effect :: Lois :: Midnight

Ever Have One of Those Days...

where you read a comment on a website that you've frequented for years and see a comment, a warning even, that immediately makes you wonder if they're referring to you? Especially after a really lousy day? And you're at least a little guilty of the accusation, even if they may be talking about someone else and something much more offensive? 

Yeah, me, too. *slumps*

ETA: This is what's making me nervous (posted at Caped Wonder a couple of days ago by Jim Bowers):

High-resolution files or prints of CapedWonder™ imagery are only available to employees and board members of DC Comics, Warner Bros., the Christopher and Dana Reeve Foundation, and other major studios and organizations that are assigned with official and approved Christopher Reeve/Superman projects. Please do not post CapedWonder™ imagery or your manipulations of CapedWonder™ imagery on any websites, message boards, forums, blogs, or social networking sites such as Facebook, Twitter or similar without prior written permission. Thank you.

I was never aware that he didn't want any of it to ever be used for anything and I try to give credit where I can. Most of what I have as manip bases isn't from CW, but it's enough to make me nervy. And I'm almost too scared to contact him at this point, especially since I wanted to see if he might actually approve of reeveverse . Not sure what to do now. :(