March 25th, 2010

Lois :: What's In A Name

Two Spoilers of Very Different Kinds and A Two-Day Break


<- New spoiler for this week's chapter. Very high energy chapter this week and for the next few weeks. A LOT of planning has gone into what you'll be seeing for the next few months. About two years of it, actually. I just really hope that it ends up being a treat for you guys. Chapter title changed this week as I'm not up to the section that I called 'Carnival of Rust'. Rest assured that the next chapter is called it and has an event that a good portion of you have been waiting for. Said section starts out here, but isn't far enough in before the chapter's end to allow for it. ;) Yes, I'm talking in riddles and yes, you should be used to it after Little Secrets. ;)

Secondly, for those of you that don't follow cloiser_trish  or christina_kat or Michael McKean on Twitter and have not seen these, Collapse )

Thirdly, because we not only have the chapter coming out Saturday, and it's a huge one, but also several fics planned for the DCU Spring Porn Fest, I'm going to take the next two days mostly off. I also have a hand in a little help over at BT with finding a little something for brdwaybebe  for And I'm also working extra. So, no choice but to take a little breather. I promise to make it worthwhile when I get home.

Fourthly, planning a picspam over at reeveverse in the next week or so. Any requests? I'm thinking a DP Crew picspam from the series itself instead of just one. God knows I have enough to tide us over. Or maybe a promotional information one? I'll likely put up a poll on Saturday over there.

Fifth, I need to do today's meme answer before I scurry off. And I'm happy to share that one.

Collapse )

And sixthly, glitter_my_glam , my darling Little Sister, we are getting set to book the hotel for Ms. classicawesome 's visit! SO. EXCITED! There won't be much spending in the house until then, but it'll totally be worth it. We were thinking near the airport like usual, but what do you think?

Seventhly, and finally, see you all Saturday! MWAHAHAHAHAHA!