March 24th, 2010

ATU :: Earth Clois

Okaaaay, Seeing As How Life Went 'Splodey There For A Few Days...

I have a ton to catch up on. The chapter, however, is nearly done. Maybe another 200 words and it's off to saavikam77 .  I think I may put up a second spoiler today since we're so close.

First, before I go into the usual, it truly does suck to wander into beauty tutorials on YT, fall in love, and know they're done in another country where the items are not available in the US. *cries* You guys of the British persuasion don't know how lucky you are in the case of organics. I've seen more awesome (and reasonably priced) stuff on OxfordJasmine's channel than I've seen here. And some of it's even drugstore! GAH! I mean, WHY can't we have a Spiezia here? Or an Original Source? *whimpers*

And let's not even get me started on the MAC Love Lace line. It's totally perfect for me and the price is killing me. I'm going to cruise Ebay a little and see if I can get lucky, price-wise.

Yeah, yeah, I know. Shut up about the girly stuff, Lo. BUT I CAN'T HELP IT! I miss being pretty. *grumps* At least I have my cherished Lush and the renovation is almost over at the Orlando store! God, I'm out of everything but my soaps. *whine*

*heavy sigh* Now that my girly bitch-fit is over, I have three days worth of meme to do and it follows below:

Day 3 ~ Favorite Musician
Day 4 ~ Favorite Album
Day 5 ~ Favorite Book

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ATU :: Earth Clois


Okay, I was all set to put up the new spoiler, but it seems that LJ has changed the editing keys in our 'Home' section. I can't find the editing key for the sidebar. This does not make me a happy Lois. Anyone have a clue what's happening and where it's located now? As it is, the spoiler will go up when I get home from work. Ran out of time looking for a way to post it. *grumps*