March 20th, 2010

Lois :: Gacking The Clothes

Two Little Items Before I Run Out The Door This Morning...

One ~ If comics were like this a little more often and stuff to their own continuity, this would be enough to make me pick them up again. Because this is pure Lois. (Superman 80-page Giant Special) I'm not a fan of sheer fluff at all, but this. This is precious.

Two ~ If you haven't seen this article on Lois Lane's apartment from the first two films, it's worth a look. The second article explains the history of the building. also explains why we need Ella's blackmailing General Sam into helping with Lois' rent when she was younger. Also, it explains why the things been rent-controlled by Bruce since Lois and Clark got married. Yep, it's still suspension of disbelief, but it makes a little more sense now. And don't get any ideas. It's a lot more expensive than you think ($3,000 per month!). Oh, canon, how frustrating you are!