January 20th, 2010

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As I Make A Lana Post...

If you had told me six years ago that I'd be thrilled to have any Annette O'Toole info, I'd say that you were out of your damn mind. As it is, this is the best news I've heard in a long time.

As reported by K-site:Collapse )

All I can say is ABOUT DAMN TIME! *squee*

Also, I actually met a RL version of Richana last night at work!

As I was cleaning up for the company that was coming today, a rather tall older man walked up, his wife behind me and asks if we have Kaelie's Intense. I was like, "Buh? Never heard of it." The guy was really nice and polite, but had a good sense of humor. He gives me this knowing grin and says, "It's like a solution for when you make love." (Keep in mind that this older gentlemen is in his seventies, but not at all old or creepy-looking). The wife, this pretty older lady with light red hair that was fading, gasped and hit him. "I don't believe you! Don't ask her that!"

Trying not to laugh, I realized that he meant KY, which we do carry. I pointed it out, told him we had several different types, and he thanked me with the most adorable seriousness. The minute they were around the corner, I heard her hit him again and fuss at him in this lowered voice, "Richard! I don't believe you! Why didn't you go find it on your own?!"

I also found out before they left that she's two years older, so not perfect, but close. And they were worried that I'd be weirded out that old people still have sex. I laughed so hard. Seriously. They were too precious for words. Never did get her name, though.