January 9th, 2010

ATU :: Earth Clois

Yet Another Reason Why ferdalump (The Brois Fan) And I (The Clois Fan) Get Along

As soon as I can get a shower and get dressed, Anissa and I are going on a quest to find these at the, like 12 Wal-Marts here in town. She was due to purchase me some serious PJs that she didn't get to at Christmas, so this is one less thing I get at Sexy McSleepware Store, but TOTALLY WORTH IT! Hee!

ETA: Pajama bottoms found and too damn precious for words! Now I just need a comfy XL shirt to go with it.

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Clois :: Lois the Klutz

And, Since I Finally Downloaded The Pics, Here's Two Events From December

Everyone remember when I told you that Anissa was going to get me an EPIC Superman cake for my birthday and it fell through, but she got me the birthday plaque that was supposed to be on the cake anyway? Well, this is it, being held by yours truly. It reads: Happy Birthday, Lois!

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And we had our own little visitor in the Christmas tree, but he really should have been expected. At least the one that's living on my desk is better behaved than the one in LS/Heirs:

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