November 16th, 2009

ATU :: Earth Clois

Dear Life,

Could you please slow the hell down? Between work and RL, I'm missing whole days here. And I'd love to be more productive.

And Christmas is coming up? Barely started shopping despite earlier statements that I was going to start in August this year. *whine*

I'm thinking about posting a couple of Kala and Jason fanmixes, but I'm not sure if anyone's curious. May post them, anyway.

Okay, off to Mom's house. Hoping for a restful day.
ATU :: Earth Clois


For those of you that read and loved Illogically Iconic, I bring you a vision of Kala future. Many thanks to januaried for the manip and SV for the pics I nabbed the outfit from. Not in the duster here and the El family crest comes much later, but this is Kal about five years from Heirs, although she can't wear the shield until around another fifteen years. Now if I could just find a good one for Jase. Daddy would be so proud. XD

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