October 30th, 2009

ATU :: Earth Clois

Happy Halloween Eve, All!

  • Chapter is finished and off to beta. Polished off at 6,000 words. And not what you're expecting. :D
  • New vidlet here. Despite the fact that it's Clois, the band totally makes me think of Jase. Considering making up playlists for both Kala and Jason soon, just because. :D
  • Currently plotting last-minute additions to the Halloween costume of EEEEEVIIIIIIIIL! Want pure terror? This is the nail polish I'm wearing and it's the least girly thing I'll have on. *dies* I just realized! I'm dressing as SV Lana! Complete with black hair!
  • Must pick up some of the Halloween limited editions at LUSH tomorrow. Ghost body wash, the Jacko bath bomb, The Great Pumpkin soap, and the Cobweb bath bomb are all on the top of my list. I hope that they're not out. :( We totally missed the fall and Halloween stuff last year.
  • The sheer amount of scary stuff on my DVD-R is mind-blowing. Saw Shutter the other night and, while I really enjoyed it, I would rather see someone in Japan make an actual Fatal Frame film. American remakes totally suck by comparison. Good example? Go see the difference between the American version of One Missed Call and their Chakushin ari II  (I can't say for sure about their first film, Chakushin ari since I haven't seen it yet) . No question about it; when the sequel from them is better than the remake by us, you need to stop. PERIOD.
Well, I think that's it! Enjoy your All Hallows, kiddies! I'll be heading down to Orlando for the Lush party and plenty of decadence! I promise pics of the outfit later! Love you! Stay safe!