October 6th, 2009

ATU :: Earth Clois

Okay, I Lied. I'm Not Kal-El; I Can Do That

*shuffles feet*

Okay, so I started vidding again, although it's still not on Vegas and I still need to rip footage of Chris and Margot's other films. And I've got a teaser for the current project. So do me a favor. If it looks good, comment. If it sucks, ignore it. I just wanted to put it out there.

margotgabriele-RV-The Alan Parsons Project-Don't Answer Me
ATU :: Earth Clois

Music Video :: Clois :: 'Don't Answer Me'

First video in a while and not on Vegas like I wanted (looks like Christmas for that one), but I'm trying to get back to vidding a bit more often. This is just a bit of a teaser and my first attempt in quite a while. Be kind; this was done on WMM. And, ferdalump, my darling, I lack your awesome. :D All of you know WMM is mostly fail. There's a text version for the Heirs readers and one without. Take your pick. ;)

Made by KalaLaneKent/margotgabriele
Fandom: Superman Reeveverse
Song: 'Don't Answer Me' by the Alan Parsons Project

Text Version

Non-Text Version

*closes eyes and holds breath*