October 3rd, 2009

ATU :: Earth Clois

SV 9X02: Metallo

Inital reactions throughout the episode:

~louder squee~
~smattering of giggles~

Deeper explanations soon as I stop waltzing around my living room like an idiot and come down from my OTP-high.

Dear God, SV, please don't break our heart this time. After this, I just couldn't bear it.

Clois. I'm actually seeing honest-to-God Clois. It's like a dream. :D

And I'm also eagerly awaiting Rabid; sounds like a ton of fun!

*runs off giggling to watch it again*
Lois :: Caught

*glances sneakily from left to right*

*whispers* Okay, so I know people are worried about the Clois. Especially with the turmoil they're going through.

Weeeell, I might just be able to help with that, but you must realize that this is in a chapter a couple of months from now and the actual wording and the scene itself is subject to change. Consider this a reason to carry on. :D


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Told you! ;)