September 18th, 2009

ATU :: Earth Clois

Nope, Not Dead Yet.

I just wanted to post and let everyone know that a) I'm still mostly alive and missing all of you madly and b) fully intend to catch up on my replies and such the weekend. This week, we've been over-run by corporate big-wig who are deciding our Fourth Quarter (i.e. Christmas) fate, hours- and store-stock- wise). I'm just exhausted. However, I'm off a lot next week, so I plan to get caught up before THE O HOLY AWESOME next Friday night and we have so many big scenes in this next chapter, I'm going to need every free minute to work on it.

I love you all and miss you so much it hurts. Special hugs to autumnrae and sparkled_pink, because life has been particularly unkind to them lately. *snugs her girls tight*

To quote Rache, Wake Me Up When September Ends...