September 14th, 2009

ATU :: Earth Clois

*Suddenly Feels Totally Evil*

In pondering the potential awesomeness that is Smallville Season 9, it occured to me: just how much evil awesome would it be if, once Lois and Clark are aware of each other's feelings, we had another run-in with Red K? I'd want them at least most of the way to a couple before it happens, but I'd love to see Kal and Lois have to deal with each other when the feelings are already out there.

*evil plot bunny is evil* Hey, who wants to write it? ;) XD

At fault for this doom bunneh? *points to amelietw*:


Lois :: Sad

RIP Patrick Swayze

I'm still at a loss about this. I saw The Outsiders as a teenager in school, my mom, my sisters, and I watched Ghost and Dirty Dancing together countless times, and he's always been a family favorite. It was heartbreaking to have read this fifteen minutes ago.

Rest now, Patrick. You've earned it. And watch out for my Nana. You may just get a kiss on the way in the gates. You were her favorite modern actor behind Richard Gere. :D