August 20th, 2009

ATU :: Earth Clois

Heirs Update

Anissa here, your friendly local Voice of DOOM, only not so friendly right now. More DOOM-y.

The chapter will be postponed until next week. We simply aren't far enough ahead as of right now. Things have been utterly psychotic for both of us, work-wise, and the writing has suffered for it.

You will, however, get our timestamp meme fic, When We Were Young: Twenty Years Ago. It's a brief look into the lives of the four main characters, set twenty years before Little Secrets began.  And in keeping with our tradition, we managed to do that without ever actually stating any of the characters' ages. 

All right, I'm giving up on writing for the evening, as the muse has pretty much flipped me off and gone out drinking with other people's missing muses.  See you with the timestamp meme this weekend, and the Heirs chapter next weekend.
ATU :: Earth Clois

SInce Everyone's Doing It...What I'm Watching This Fall

My set, which is plainly different from everyone else's in some places. Is it that obvious that I don't watch very much network TV? :D

DVR (italics)

Watching (bold)

Tasting (underlined)


The Tudors (once it returns)
United States of Tara (once it returns)
Dexter (trying again to keep up)


No Reservations with Anthony Bourdain
Bizarre Foods with Andrew Zimmerin
Andrew Zimmerin's Bizarre World


Damages (once it returns)


Glee (trying again)
Ghost Hunters


The Vampire Diaries (I read them as a teenager. Crossing my fingers that the show does it justice)
Bones (caught an episode on vacation and liked it. I'll likely end up watching it in syndication)


Ghost Whisperer (totally my Mom's fault)


I don't even try on Saturdays.