August 13th, 2009

ATU :: Earth Clois

Note To Self:

It's got to get better. It really does. It can't get much worse. You are not as worthless as you keep thinking you are, even if half the bosses have nothing good to say and your hours are down by ten. You won't always be body-and-soul tired. You wouldn't always be this discouraged. This will pass, things will get better, and you're not a loser. You still have your friends, it's summer and most people are away. It's not that no one wants to talk to you. It's just a rough patch. Things will get better. They have to.

*deep sigh*
ATU :: Earth Clois

Forwarded From brdwaybebe's LJ - Superman Fans Micro Moments Meme

You can ask any civilian on the street about Superman and they can tell you their favorite moment. "I like when he caught her and the helocopter." or "The first flight together was so romantic." or "I like when he shot him in the eyeball."

But I think we as Superman fans look a little deeper. We see those small moments, they extra layers, the richer textures of the Superman movies and we appreciate them.

This meme is to show some pure fan love for any Superman film. A bit of a respite from the 'discussion' and just saying what we loved. Little tiny moments be they plot points of actor delivery that may get lost within the grandeur of the films as a whole.

So pick any Superman movie - Smallville too if you are so inclined and comment to thise entry.  So we can have them all in one place.  I know I'd love to see what YOU see what you delve into a Superman movie.  And if you would... please link to here on your LJ.  Let's see what kind of Library of awesome we can get going :)