May 16th, 2009

ATU :: Earth Clois

Little Secrets: Jason Kent and the Creature from the Deep

Since  Kala's little fic with her Daddy, you know our little Jason muse has been tugging on our pants-legs to have his turn. This is the companion piece to A Small Matter of Some Gravity, set winter of the next year.  This is just a sweet little slice-of-life within the Lane-Kent family on a short vacation. How much trouble can Jason cause on a winter break in the Bahamas? :D



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ATU :: Earth Clois

To Buy Or Not To Buy, That Is The Question...

Okay, so I bought the cigarette case. Now I've decided that I want Margot's Rolling Stone cover. For real. That shot is just so pretty.

Yes, I know it makes me a total geek. Just shut up. :P

But look! Isn't that awesome? I mean, it's freaking Rolling Stone!


ETA: God mocks me. After seeing how many copies are on sale, I've decided that I'll purchase one after I get paid on Thursday, but I found something else out as I was searching. januaried, did you know that they have Willie and Phil, Trenchcoat, The Reincarnation of Peter Proud, Heartaches, and Louisiana for sale on eBay? The hitch? Every last damn one is VHS! *epic!wail of disappointment* Why must God mock us like this? *repeated headdesk*
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