May 10th, 2009

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Not Even Going Into The Mess That's Going On Over At FS

Freaky Secret is Freaky, but the biggest problem isn't that someone loves our work enough want a piece of me *shudders*, but that it seems to have started a wank war over there. Mostly because it seems like I'm considered a BNF. Which is both flattering and embarassing. But there's a group of people out there that seem pretty furious at me for that status. I didn't ask to have my readership, I never wanted to cause any problems for any of the other writers out there in the fandom, and it makes me sick to my stomach to think that people might think I'm some kind of diva who looks down on other writers. It's nothing like that! I understand if you don't like my work, no one is holding a gun to your head to read it (this goes for the F-List as well), but don't think I consider myself any better than any other writer in the Superman fandom. Seriously. I write as many stories as I do because 1) I love it. I love this fandom like mad and have since I was a child. and 2) I have people who want to know what the next project is. 

I also want to encourage those of you that are fans of writers you think are overlooked to tell other people about them. The more you share, the larger the fanbase. If you think that a story shines, recc it for all it's worth. I took the time at awards season last year to read a ton of fic and nominate it for all the catagories, but was more than a little disappointed when some of them didn't make it to the final vote. It happens, but with more fan support, anyone can be a BNF. It just takes the love of your fans.

And that's all I'll be saying on this topic. 
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