April 18th, 2009

ATU :: Earth Clois

In Honor of the Fact That I Made It Through the Week in One Piece...

(and it was a sucks-sour-frog-ass one, SERIOUSLY), I have decided to play 20 Questions if anyone is interested enough to play. Ask me any question you want about my life, the fandom, our stories, or something completely random and I'll give you an answer. Just keep in mind that I don't plan to give away any big spoilers for Heirs. Any requests of things you want to see on oneshots or maybe Heirs, now would be the time to tell me. This week has been awful and I miss the family I have here and this is my way of celebrating and reconnecting with everyone.

And yes, the chapter will be out tomorrow. As soon as I get the betas back. ;) And yes, next week there will be another one. ;)

Have at it, you guys!
ATU :: Earth Clois

Podcast: First Attempt (Snapshots (Teen Lois): No Good Advice

Okay, you guys asked for it, here it is.


Actually, this is our first attempt. This is a scene in one of our upcoming oneshots in the Snapshots 'verse, which is also canon for IAL as to Lois' teenage years. The scene Anissa is reading involves Perry and Ella discussing sixteen-year-old Lois after she's gotten her job at the Planet and that Ella is worried about her. Now, this is just a test and we wanted to take the opportunity to use something you've never heard to try it out.

So let us know what you think. :D

Snapshots Retro: Lois (No Good Advice, Pt. One)
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