February 24th, 2009

Lois :: Sad

Okay, This Is When I Have To Admit That I Have A Problem... (The Very Dreaded F-Cut)

The truth behind why it's taking so long for me to do replies is two-fold: One, I'm working A LOT lately and trying to use every free moment to write on Heirs that I possibly can. I'm just tired a lot of the time lately. I promise everyone that I'm not trying to slight anyone with a lack of comments and really do love you all. It kills me that I'm not being able to be involved as much as I usually am. I'm not leaving fandom and I'm not leaving LJ, but I feel like I'm letting some of you down. I promise, I'm trying to get caught up and stay caught up here. There are tons of 12 Days fics that I'm trying to get back to and I especially want to read kabuki_party  and repmetsyrrah 's, but it's taking some time. dandello , I'm going to send off the latest oneshots to you today before work. For any of you out there wondering why I'm ignoring you, I promise that I'm not. I love you guys like WOAH and DAYUM. And I have to apologize to januaried  most of all because I still have entries of hers I should have commented on forever ago.

Which brings me to Two. For the first time since I joined LJ, Ms. Lois is going to have to do a friends-cut and she hates it. Not because of a lack of love for any of you, I promise, but when the time comes that you have three to four pages a day on your F-List, there's a problem. Another good portion of why my replies have been slow in coming is because there are too many posts to scroll through. Worse yet, it's harder to tell what post is from who when I'm tired. *headdesk* Soooo, if you would like to stay here, please let me know. Again, it's not that I don't adore my whole F-List, it's just that it's getting too huge even for me.

In better news, though, the camera is primed and working. I'll be posting pics of Ms. Laurel's Christmas gifts to us shortly as practice. :D Four days 'til Margot! *giggles like a little girl*

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