February 17th, 2009

ATU :: Earth Clois

Happy Birthday, MOM (htbthomas)!

You're the whole reason I dragged all of my stuff over to LJ from BlueTights, you're the one that kept encourgaing me not to give up in the early chapters of LS, you are the one that taught me that I had to have thicker skin as a writer, you and your 'underground' promoting are the reason I have the fanbase I do, and you are an utterly amazing writer and just as good a friend. You do so much for the Superman and Spiderman communities and ask so little. Mom, we may not talk as much as we used to and our paths rarely meet at the same hour, but you'll always be my Mom and I'll always treasure the closeness we have!

HAPPY BIRTHDAY, BARB! *tacklehugs and kisses from both of us* (Sorry, I couldn't find any really good Spidey!)