February 6th, 2009

Lois :: Sad

.....*throws something at the television* ( SV 8X14)

I'm pissed. I'm only twenty minutes in and I'm furious. Just fucking furious. How, HOW!!!, in the freaking hell can you utterly destroy the best character development that I've ever see in Clark for a freaking FIVE-EPISODE GUEST SPOT?!?!? The level of disgust I'm at right, I just can't believe they would have done such brilliant work, only to just ruin it for Kreuk's run.... I just... The storyline I was hoping for seems to be only a dream.

And for being hopeful that we could trust them due to the brilliance of the stories up until Bride and for trying to pass that on, I feel the need to apologize to the fandom for being willing to believe them. I'm pretty ashamed of myself for thinking that they were doing something so much more profound than they were. The writer in me saw the potential and grasp for it. I was wrong, totally wrong, and I humbly apologize.

I'll still watch because I want to see what happens to Lois, but I don't want Clark anywhere near her for a long while. He needs to earn her love and he's a long way from being there. At this point, I want her to know what went down, just so she doesn't end up being his doormat like every other woman on this show. He's taken two steps forward, and then ten steps back in these last five episodes. You've broken my heart, Clark. Let's see if you can earn it back. But, warning: you're going to have to work on this for more than one season. You've blown it for this one.

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ATU :: Earth Clois

Dear duskwillow, ILU!

XD Never has the jump-the-shark Bobby-Ewing special looked quite so beautiful. And with Lois coming back next new episode, the time is ripe for a nightmare. I looove her ideas on this! XD And it will make perfect sense that it was all deranged crack if it was a dream. *beginnings of an evil smile* DO IT!!! DOOOOO ITTTTTT!