December 22nd, 2008

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It Is Done!

YAY! And just in time, too! I've had a great time with the Snapshots fics so far, fleshing out the events that lead up to Superman II and then to Little Secrets, but this has got to be my favorite so far. All I Want For Christmas is set during the holiday season, so if you're following the LS continuity, that means a month or so before the events of SII. This fic gives you a good idea of why things followed through in the film the way they did. It was a hard road trying to flesh it out the way it is, but I think the final product was something to be proud of. :D Expect to see it either Christmas Eve or early Christmas Day; tradition continues despite a lack of deadline. :D

Also, I'm terribly remiss in not having posted the link to saavikam77 's dcu_fandomguide :

Taken from the site:

Welcome to the DCU Fandom Guide, your guidebook to DCU fandom on Live Journal and elsewhere on the web!

After a long time spent wondering just what Live Journal communities are out there for all the various characters, pairings, and incarnations of the DC Comics universe, my brain hatched a plan: gather together all the links to all the communities I could find, and post them in one place, to serve as a jumping-off point for DCU fans to find places for discussion and for the posting of fan-created content.

Head on over and take a look around. Some of the info there is invaluble!
ATU :: Earth Clois

In Need of Hugs ... and Beware My Profanity

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“Hello, this is Anissa. I am calling to let all of our friends and readers know if you can possibly reply to this post and let Lois and I know that we are loved. We need it bad. She is dealing with a double freight at her work because some fucking moron up in corporate sent last week's shipment a freight to Wisconsin that took until this week to get there. And she already knew that this is the 2nd busiest shopping day of the year, in her store anyway, and that she was gonna have double freight and it was going to be a nightmare because they've been slashing hours to the bone and then her department manager - who was supposed to be there with her tonight - called out. Chickenshit motherfucker. And on my end I already have one person out this evening and I just had another one call me as I was trying to make this voice post. So we are both dealing with people calling out and excessive massive amounts of work. Everybody in the bank has decided that they are going to ship all their Christmas packages and I have what feels like a complete embroidery kit in each package. I have about 70 of them going out to all different cities ___ gonna boxed all this up and send them. So if you can comment to this and tell us that you love us I really really would appreciate it cos I need it. She needs it bad. Lois, she's far worse off than me. I will survive cos I have at least good back up crew that I can count on to help me and she has no back up. She is the back up at her job. When either of the other 2 people at the department don't show up Lois does their job and now she's totally screwed. So send us some love.”

Transcribed by: kalalanekent